Please see all the exciting new videos, recent projects, and blog posts we are creating at P Strouth LLC.  I am trying to build up a great collection of material handling applications and products to showcase.  Most of this media represents projects we are doing with our customers in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia; however, we can supply product and install across the US.  I actually have a collection of photos from the 22 years of material handling projects that I have developed.  There are too many to post here on the website but I can email and describe many of the various applications from the past and look forward to adding many more in the future.  I am happy to answer any questions. 
How to Create a Modular Office Space in a Production Area:  This is a blog post on how we designed and installed a modular office system by Starrco in a local customer's plant in Greensboro, Burlington, Whitsett, North Carolina area.  The modular office is engineered to be assemble quickly and provide more office space but in this project it is being used as a quality control room.
Modular office systems are a great way to quickly add a controlled room on the production floor or warehouse area of a plant.  These engineered modular buidling systems are inexpensive and designed to be installed as an office, conference room, quality control room, clean room, paint booth, and many other modular building applications
Portable Modular Building System used as an Inplant Office in the middle of a production area.  This modular building shipped to our customer in Mebane, NC already assemble and ready to use.  We moved it into place with a large forklift and then had it wired to operate as a typical office.  The handrail mounted around the modular inplant office is to help protect the employees and the office.
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The P Strouth YouTube Channel is set up to provide video on some of the material handling projects we install including: heavy-duty casters, conveyor systems, mezzanines and modular office systems, custom carts, pallet rack and cantilever storage rack systems
Husky teardrop style pallet rack with Wirecrafters wire rack enclosure and wire cage partition for secured pallet rack storage cage.
Teardrop style pallet rack with Wirecrafters rack enclosure for security set inside wire partition security cage. Greensboro, NC  Installed May 2012
Goff's curtain wall installed in warehouse to partition ventilation area with guard rail to protect
Goff's curtain wall system used to partition storage area in warehouse Mebane, NC.  Heavy-duty guard rail installed to eliminate forklift damage. 
Heavy-duty mezzanine used to store Harley Davidson motorcycles under and on top of the mezzanine
Mezzanine system installed to store Harley Davidson motorcycles.  Burlington, NC

Teardrop style pallet rack used to store Harley Davidson motorcycles
Teardrop style pallet rack storing Harley Davidson motorcycles. Burlington, NC
8 Drum fluid handling storage system used to store various lubricants at new facility in Eden, NC. With spill containment pan below keeps fluids stored safely and neatly.
IFH Fluid Handling System used to safely store lubricants in a storage system
Carton flow rack with gravity roller conveyor system and pallet rack storage for beverage warehouse
Local beverage distribution warehouse in High Point, NC uses Unex carton flow pallet rack system with Lewco gravity roller conveyor and Interlake pallet rack system to pull beer and wine orders.
26 foot box truck used for local and regional deliveries for P Strouth and Carolina Material Handling
This is our 26' box truck we use to deliver pallet rack, hand trucks, carts, casters and other products.  Purchased in 2012.
ergonomic roll handler lift for grasping and rotating heavy rolls
This ergonomic roll handler lift is used to grasp, pick up, and rotate heavy rolls of paper and plastic to be loaded on a reel machine in Asheboro, NC
Teardrop style pallet rack with solid metal decking used to store textile rolls
We used standard teardrop style pallet rack with solid surface steel decking to store the ticking and textile rolls for this customer in High Point, NC.  This keeps the rolls clean and free from marks.
Engineered Heavy-Duty Free Standing Mezzanine System to Increase Valuable Floor Space:  PStrouth blog on how we design, engineer, ship and install a heavy-duty free standing mezzanine system used to increase valuable floor space in a maintenance department in the Greensboro / Burlington, NC area.  This mezzanine allows 683 square feet of unused vertical space.
MHEDA Journal article on how we designed and installed a Starrco Modular Building Office System for a local production facility in Greensboro, NC
Edge of dock installation used to load and unload trucks from warehouse dock.  20,000 lbs capacity with 66" wide usable plate
The 20EP66 EZ Pull Edge of Dock leveler is installed in Greensboro, NC.  Allows safe and effective loading and unloading of trucks with 20,000 lbs. capacity and 66" wide usable plate and dock bumpers.  Installed September 2012
Static teardrop style pallet rack with wire decking anchored and installed
We installed this standard pallet rack with 4 shelf levels and wire decking for maintenance storage. Installed 5-2012.
Ridg U Rak Die Storage Rack for heavy duty tool storage
Jay Mitchell & I installed this heavy duty die storage rack in Greensboro, NC used for storing dies and tools for plastic extrusion machines.  Ridg U Rack die storage system
Lewco slider bed conveyor with variable speed controller
Slider bed belt conveyor system with variable speed controller 110 volt single phase used to conveyor wood pieces in furniture mfg.  Casters mounted to conveyor in order to move around production area.
Pallet rack used to store rolls
We installed steel shelves as dividers for pallet rack in order to partition the pallet rack shelves for roll storage.  This divides the shelves into sections
System installed in 2014.
Pallet rack with tunnel aisles for extra storage
Tunnel aisles for pallet rack create a forklift passage while still allowing overhead storage. We also install rack backing to protect pallets and product from falling off the rack for safety.  System installed November 2012.

Wirecrafters rack backing installed on pallet rack
Heavy duty structural rack supports skatewheel carton flow system for beverage case goods storage
We set up and installed this carton flow system with heavy duty structural rack by Bulldog and the carton flow is heavy duty skatewheel style conveyor from 3-D Storage.  Used to have first in first out storage of cases of beverage including beer, wine, and energy drinks.  High capacity.  Installed 12-30-2014
Interlake pallet rack dismantle and install in new warehouse for storing ticking rolls
Pallet rack storage systems installation provided by Carolina Material Handling and Phil Strouth. This large project involves install double deep back to back teardrop style pallet rack in a local warehouse in Stokesdale, NC. We take down existing pallet rack in other areas of the facility once it is unloaded and move the material to the new warehouse. Assembling the pallet rack includes setting the 18' high x 36" deep teardrop uprights in place with a 12" row spacer to form a 7' deep shelf level and then space the second double deep rack system 18" for a flue space. We use 9' long teardrop style beams and 11' long teardrop style beams to create the shelf levels. 10 shelf levels per bay. Each shelf has drop in style corrugated steel decking to provide the solid shelf for the rolls of cloth to rest. Project completed 12-27-2014.

wirecrafters wire partition security cage for IT equipment protection
wirecrafters wire partition security cage for server equipment protection
Our friends at Payroll Solutions in High Point, NC asked us to help protect their IT system and servers in their office.  So we installed a Wirecrafters security cage with a 3' wide x 7' high swing door with a cylinder lock.  The system is 8' high x 87" wide.  The keeps unauthorized people from going into the server area.  Installed 1-5-2015
used teardrop pallet rack install in Greensboro, NC
Used pallet rack jobs sometimes require us to take down existing pallet rack, stack and band then load onto trucks to ship to the new customer.  Once we get the rack to the new location we set up the rack in the warehouse to match the new requirements and layouts.
used prest pallet rack stacked, banded, and loaded to deliver to new warehouse
used pallet rack install in Archdale, NC with tunnel aisle
used keystone pallet rack used to store furniture in North Carolina
two story mezzanine system for added storage space installed in Mebane, NC
structural mezzanine with poly resin deck floor and hand rail and kick plate
Structural mezzanine installed to create another storage level for maintenance equipment.  125 psf capacity.  We used poly resin deck flooring for clean, durable finish.
Back to back pallet rack row with end of aisle rack protection
carton flow installed in pallet rack system
tunnel aisles in pallet rack
teardrop pallet rack install
Back to back Interlake Teardrop Style Pallet rack system designed and installed in Mebane, NC in August 2015.  This system uses 20' high x 42" deep uprights with double post for heavy duty application.  The 12' long beams are rated to carry 7,000 pounds per shelf level.  We also installed carton flow conveyor in the bottom three levels of 20 bays of racking with pallet storage above.  The rack system has bolt on post protectors on all the uprights and end of aisle protection in the tunnel aisles and at the ends of the rows for forklift damage protection.
See more about this project on my Google Plus Page.

Mezzanine storage structure for truck frames
heavy duty storage system using mezzanine structure
Mezzanine structure used to store truck frames for assembly process. Our customer needed a heavy duty storage system that is free standing so they can safely place their frames up higher to free up floor space and allow for assembly. The base plates are 10" x 10" and the structure is 8' high x 40' long. Installed in September 2015. Cubic Designs is the manufacturer 

3d storage system pallet push back flow system designed by Phil Strouth
Push back pallet flow system was designed and installed in October 2015 in High Point, NC.  Our customer needed a dense storage solution for their product.  The product stored is MDF board and is about 98" long x 48" wide x 2,500 lbs. per load.  Our push back storage system hold 4 pallets deep x 3 pallets high and is 5 bays wide storing a total of 60 pallet positions in a footprint of 26' x 34'.  Excellent storage capacity while taking up a small amount of warehouse space.  3D Storage is the manufacturer of  the push back system.

side view of push back storage system 4 pallets deep
cart system on push back pallet rack
Teardrop pallet rack installation in Greensboro and High Point, North Carolina
IFH Fluid Handling Storage Rack system
IFH Fluid Handling Drum Storage Rack System
Innovative Fluid Storage and Dispensing System allows industrial facility in High Point, NC to store industrial oils, lubricants, and fluids.  The drum rack system allows easy, safe, clean, and more effective storage and dispensing than standard 55 gallon drum methods.  We installed this 8 tank system in January, 2016.  
Industrial steel shelving system used to store samples
Industrial steel shelving used to store samples for shipping and sample room.  12" deep, 18" deep, 24" deep closed shelving can be 36" and 48" wide x 7' high is most common. Maple top workbenches are great for packaging, assembly, and maintenance work.  Sturdy and strong workstations.   Installed in Mebane, NC  August 2015.
Maple top workbenches for assembly and packaging
Warehouse furniture storage pallet rack system in Thomasville, NC
Warehouse furniture storage cantilever rack system in Thomasville, NC to store lumber
Teardrop style Spruill Products Pallet Rack used to store furniture components with our in stock wire decking.  This customer also uses cantilever rack to store lumber vertically so they can choose the correct pieces for their specialty wooden tables.  Installed this racking in September 2015.

footplate installed on used pallet rack uprights
Warehouse furniture storage pallet rack system in High Point, NC
We installed this used pallet rack system at our customer's furniture storage warehouse in North Carolina, November, 2015.  We cut the 20' high x 48" deep uprights down to 10' high and installed footplates on the cut uprights for stability.  Hand loading onto the wire decks works perfectly.  
Cantilever storage rack system installed outside on concrete pad
We installed this used cantilever rack system for our customer in Browns Summit, NC December 2015.  Used to store door track and sheet metal.
husky pallet rack install wire deck and post protectors
Electric supply warehouse needed pallet rack and shelving system to store their supplies.  We worked with the customer to develop a warehouse layout and install the pallet rack system in record time in Greensboro, NC in January 2016.  See video

Industrial curtain used in warehouse
Our customer needed a way to separate their warehouse area from their production area. We designed a Goff's Curtain wall to do the job. Now the customer can keep their production area at a constant temperature and use less energy to do it.
The curtain wall has two drive thru / walk thru strip door curtains for forklift traffic and worker access.
See post    Installed May 2016
heavy duty mobile work bench with hardwood butcher block top
sample room shelving system
In April 2016 we designed and installed this shelving system and work benches for a sample room for our customer in Mebane, NC.  The mobile work bench is very heavy duty and rolls with ease.  The industrial shelving system has many many shelves for high volume parts storage.  Installed April 2016

Double rivet shelving system 10' high x 24" deep x 48" wide
Double Rivet Shelving System with particle board decking.  10' high x 24" deep x 48" wide with 7 shelf levels per section. 1,546# capacity per shelf.
See Post & Video
Installed July 2016
Double scissor leg lift table for ergonomic solutions
Food processing plant in Burlington, NC uses our double scissor lift table for ergonomic and safety solutions.  This electric hydraulic lift table allows the operator to ergonomically off load the bags safely.  3,000# capacity with a 48" x 48" platform and wash down power & control pack.  See Post on Google Plus
Installed June 2016.
Pallet rack enclosure system installed to secure valuable warehouse equipment
Space Guard wire partition mounts in front of pallet rack section with sliding gate that is 54" wide.  Safely and securely encloses valuable product for High Point, NC warehouse storage.  Installed in 7-2016.
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outdoor industrial curtain wall installation to provide water and debris protection in warehouse dock area
Metal fabrication company in Greensboro, NC needed a way to enclose their dock area where the scrap metal dumpsters sit so water would not get into the dumpsters and create a potential EPA water drainage problem.  We installed an outdoor industrial curtain to prevent big rain storms from washing out oil and metal into the drains.  The curtain is 29' long x 14' high and is mounted on a roller track system to be retractable when needed.  See the customer review below.
Installed in 11-2016.  See Post on Google Plus
"Hi Phillip, The curtain looks great.  Now we have to wait for it to rain.  Thanks again Jim"
We take down heavy duty structural pallet rack and stack and band and transfer for our customer to use in another warehouse.  See the Post on Google Plus
"Thanks for doing a good job."
Mannington Wood Floors in High Point, NC.  1-2017
Teardrop Pallet Rack Installation for warehouse storage
Installation of teardrop pallet rack in Greensboro, NC in December 2016.  Customer has a booming furniture storage business and needs more space so pallet rack is the answer.
"The racks look great and your team was so enjoyable to work with! They were extremely professional and worked very hard getting everything in order and an organized."  Tara Massod.  See more on Google Plus
Pallet Rack install with end of aisle rack protection
Installing teardrop style pallet rack and upright post guards with end of aisle rack protection is our specialty.  This job uses 14' high x 42" deep teardrop uprights with 8' long beams rated at 4,000# capacity per pair and 42" deep x 46" wide wire decking.  Our superior design of our rack end rub rails provide protection from forklift damage using our 12" high post protectors and 8' long C4 channel rub rails.
Installation in June 2017.
See Post on Google Plus
Our customer in Greensboro, NC needed more space in their warehouse.  We helped them with teardrop pallet rack.  They store pallets, case goods, use the rack for work benches and tunnel aisles for easy access.  See the Blog
Click on picture for You Tube video​

pallet rack storage for boxes and work benches
pallet load stop beams installed by P Strouth LLC
Our customer in Burlington, NC had issues with pallets being pushed too far in their back to back rack.  So we installed pallet load stop beams in the existing rack.  Most of these fit their standard 10' wide bays.  Some had a 2" offset and others a 6" offset to allow some pallet overhang on each side.  "Phillip, Thank you and your team for your hard work." Warehouse Manager / Production Manager.

REPK42-18 Rack End Protection Kit
solid steel pallet rack decking installed instead of wire decking
We can used solid steel decking instead of wire decking for pallet rack.  This provides a flat uniform surface for different products.  Install in Greensboro, NC  10-2017
safety rack backing installed on pallet rack
Safety rack backing installed to protect employees from boxes or pallets falling off pallet rack.
Double high guard rail with lift out rails installed by P Strouth
24" High Rack Repair Kit for teardrop style pallet rack.  We surveyed the rack and determined unsafe uprights and supplied repair kits to this customer in North Carolina warehouse.  12-2017.

Used pallet rack install and take down
We can take down your pallet rack in your warehouse and transport it to your new location and reinstall to new specs like we did for this customer in North Carolina warehouse.  12-2017.

Tunnel aisle pallet rack end protection kit to protect uprights in a tunnel aisle
We had to do rack repair on these uprights in a tunnel aisle.  These uprights are subject to forklift damage so we repaired the bottom 36" of the uprights.  Then we installed our rack end protection kits to keep the uprights protected from now on. 1-2018 in High Point, NC
42" rack end protection kit for tunnel aisle
Freight Lift Installed to transport material from first floor to mezzanine level
2-2018 we installed this Autoquip FM-3 VRC Freight Lift.  This lift has a 10' wide x 12' long platform and can transport a 3,000# load.  The lift height is 26' from first floor to second floor.  We installed expanded metal closures around the perimeter of the lift to meet ANSI and OSHA regulations.  Furnitureland South in Jamestown, NC uses this lift to transport furniture, material, equipment and other items from warehouse level to their photo shoot and show room level on the second floor.  PLC controlled with door interlocks keeps this lift safe and effective.
pallet rack install and heavy duty guard rail install by P Strouth
heavy duty guard rail installed around vrc freight lift in warehouse by P Strouth
Heavy duty guard rail to protect the VRC freight lift.  13' x 18' L shaped barrier rail to help protect against forklift damage.  Installed 2-2018.
Teardrop pallet rack with REPK48-18 rack end protection kit
wirecrafters wire partition system installed
Bin Shelving Unit with 36" x 24" shelves x 73" high with 13 shelves per section.  This bin shelving unit will hold 60 bins.  Delivered and installed June 2018.
Pallet rack installed in dry goods food warehouse with P Strouth Rack End Protection Kits
We use our standard teardrop style pallet rack with 12' high x 42" deep Uprights, 8' long beams, and 42" x 46" wire decking to create 8 pallet positions for this customer in Greensboro, NC. Always we install our rack end protection kits and post protectors to keep the pallet rack nice and safe from damage. The wall spacers installed to the block wall allow 18" clear off the wall for FDA regulations. Delivered and installed May 2018.
P Strouth Pallet Rack Install Crew
P Strouth Pallet Rack Install Crew will install and deliver pallet rack to any location. This is for a local plumbing supply company in North Carolina May 2018.
P Strouth rack end protection kit for dock door pallet rack tunnel aisles
Rack guards installed by P Strouth Rack end protection kits
Beech engineering VRC materia lift
teardrop style pallet rack installed with rack end protection kit and pallet rack protectors by P Strouth
quick ship pallet rack install by P Strouth
gravity roller conveyor with ball transfer table installed by P Strouth